**Latest update** The “Run, Run Like a Train!” East Rail Line Cross Harbour Virtual Run has been completed successfully. With immense support from over 3,000 participants, we are proud to announce that the total running distance accumulated reached as high as 78,852KM, equivalent to riding on the full East Rail Line 1,714 times or travelling around the equator approximately 2 times! We are now verifying the running records. Participants who have completed event requirements will receive a confirmation email around mid-July. Medals and souvenirs are currently in production, and we shall contact you again via email in August for redemption details. Thank you for your support and participation.

With the service commencement of the East Rail Line (“EAL”) cross-harbour extension on 15 May, the EAL becomes the fourth cross-harbour railway line, and directly connects the Northeast New Territories, Central Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. MTR Corporation organised the “Run, Run Like a Train!” East Rail Line Cross Harbour Virtual Run in May to celebrate this major milestone. Participants could decide to run any route at any time on their own and witness the transformation of this century-old railway. Let’s run, run like a train!

Category & Target Distance

This event will take a virtual run format, having 3 different groups, including, Individuals(46km,23km,18km and 10km), Team(46km) and Family (5km).


After registration, participants can record their accumulated mileage during the event period.
Event Period
Participants can start on May 15, 2022 after completing registration.
Upload Record
Use any smart watch or mobile app to record your mileage and upload the screenshot (JPEG, PNG, GIF) to our designated event platform Run2gather website or mobile app; or use the Run2gather mobile app and turn on GPS to record your mileage directly.
Exclusive Souvenirs
After the event, participant who achieves the task will receive an exclusive souvenirs.