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Q: How many people should there be to form the team? Is the target distance calculated as being completed by the whole team or individually?

A: Participants must form teams of four, while the target distance is accumulated by all team members.

Q: Any limitations on joining the family category?

A: Participants must form teams of two to four, including at least one adult aged 18 or above and one child aged 14 or below.

Q: Any specification on the submitted photos?

A: The participants must submit two selfies photos taken at East Rail Line stations (one at Exhibition Centre Station or Admiralty Station, while another one must be taken at one of the East Rail Line stations in the New Territories or Kowloon) with your e-bib and the station name clearly shown. For the team and family categories, all team members must be clearly shown in one of the photos.

Q: Can participants choose the mode of transport to cross the harbour?

A: Yes, the participants can cross the harbour with any transport they like.

Q: Do participants need to follow the reference routes posed on the event website?

A: The routes are for reference only. Participants can complete the target distance on any route at any time along the East Rail Line (from Sheung Shui to Admiralty) in accordance with their physical strength and route preference.

Q: Does the target distance have to be completed in one go or separately?

A: Participants can complete the target distance in one or more run. There is no limit to the number of uploads within the event period, however each upload record must be for a distance of at least 1 km or above.

Q: How can we get the e-bib?

A: After successful registration, participants can log in to your Run2gather account to download the dedicated e-bib for self-printing.

Q: How can we upload our team running record?

A: After successful registration, team representatives will receive a confirmation email from our service provider, Run2gather to create a team account for uploading records during the event. Other members can share their running records to their representatives and upload the records to the Run2gather platform.

Q: Can participants join different target distances in the same category?

A: Participants can only participate in one target distance in the same category.


Q: How do we register?

A: Please visit the event website and select your category. You will be redirected to a registration form and you are required to fill in your personal information.

Q: When is the registration deadline?

A:Participation of this event is on a first-come, first-served basis while the quotas last.

Q: How do we know if we have successfully registered?

A: After completing the registration form, participants must receive an email from “Run, Run Like a Train!” with the registration number to confirm successful registration. Fail to receive this confirmation email represents failure of application.

Upload Record

Q: How do we upload our running record?

A: Log in to your Run2gather account. Please visit or Upload Running Record Tutorial for details.

Q: How do we check our workout record?

A: Log in to your Run2gather account. Click the menu at right top corner. Select "My Activities", select the activity and click "Records”. Please visit for details.

Q: How do we use the event themed photo frame?

A: Participants will need to login to Run2gather Apps first. Please visit for details.

Q: How do we record our running distance? Can we use other applications to record relevant records?

A: Most of the running record applications can be used. Please visit for the list of approved applications.

Medals and Souvenirs

Q: Can I choose the style of medal?

A: No, the medal will be distributed by the organiser.

Q: When can we collect the medal and souvenirs?

A: July. A notification email in regards to the collection of souvenirs will be sent to the participants who successfully complete the event requirements.

Q: Can I change the name to be engraved on the medal?

A: Participants should ensure that all information submitted in their application is correct, complete and true.Once the order has been confirmed, no adjustment/cancellation can be made.The provided name will be shown on the engraved medal.

Q: How do we collect the medals and souvenirs?

A: Participants can choose upon enrolment to collect their medal and souvenirs in person at the "Run2gather" office or by delivery (if delivery is selected, the incurred fee must be paid by the participants themselves).

Q: Do we have to collect the prize in person?

A: Participants must present a valid identification document for verification during collection. If the participant is unable to collect their medal and souvenirs in person, their delegate must present an original signed power of attorney from the participant and a copy of the participant's valid identification document in order to collect the medal and souvenirs on his/her behalf.